Mandrel Shaft for Cold Rolled Strip

Mandrel of Pay-off Reel and Tension Reel

For scorching rolling 
The mandrel is the key portion of very hot rolling pressure reel for coils&period Coiling temperature is in between 550 to 850ºC&interval The mandrel has mainly two sorts&colon link wedge sort and double wedge sort&interval

Url wedge kind can also be divided into two kinds&colon hyperlink wedge-coupling drive and link-spline push&time period

For website link wedge-coupling kind stress reel&comma the mandrel is mainly composed of mandrel entire body&comma spreader bar&comma phase&comma url&comma wedge and spreading cylinder&interval Spreader bar has multistage slopes and section is supported by multistage wedge&time period Phase is related with spreader bar by link so phase does not fall off&period With compression spring in the middle of wedge&comma wedge can firmly contact phase and pyramid floor&interval There is a gap amongst the upper surface area of wedge and segment&comma which can minimize the affect of coil head to mandrel in the course of coiling coil&period of time Mandrel physique is mounted on two bearings&period of time Power is transmitted by crowned-enamel coupling in the true&time period It is really handy to dismantle&comma and due to there is no equipment impact throughout operating&comma mandrel rigidity is improved&period It really is really beneficial to manage the dynamic rigidity&time period

The spreading principle of mandrel&colon spreader bar moves within mandrel human body in axial route dreivern by hydraulic cylinder&comma the slant of sperader bar pushes the wedge inside radial hole of mandrel entire body to move outward&period of time The wedge area pushes segment to broaden outward&interval Wedge diameter will increase&period of time After coiling coils&comma spreader bar moves in the reverse direction pushed by hydraulic cylinder&comma and pulls section to shrink by means of url&period Wedge moves inward and mandrel diameter gets smaller sized to discharge condition&period Then you can start to discharge coil&period of time

For the two types of link wedge-coupling drive and hyperlink wedge-spline push&comma the mandrel structures and ideas are almost same and the major distinction is push variety of mandrel&period For website link wedge-spline push kind&comma link amongst mandrel and main transmission instances is spline&comma i&periode&period of time insert kind&interval When mouting and dismantling&comma mandrel can be directly inserted or pulled out of the principal transmission circumstances to obtain the quick substitution&time period
The primary driving motor drives equipment shaft rotation through the intermediate shaft&period of time The gear shaft dirves huge equipment rotation&comma and the massive gear drives mandrel rotation by means of spline&period

For the double wedge sort stress reel&comma the mandrel is largely composed of mandrel physique&comma spreader bar&comma segment&comma spreader wedge&comma buffer wege and hyd&interval Cylinder&time period

The spreading principle of double wedge sort mandrel&colon hyd&time period Cylinder can make spreader bar go again and forth in axial route and the wedge shift in radical course&period of time So the segment becomes massive&time period T-hook on spreader bar pulls wedge back and the hook exterior the wedge pulls phase back again&period of time This will make the manderel modest&period of time With spline connectiion for electricity transmission device&comma mandrel can be speedily replaced&interval Cooling drinking water channel inside the mandrel&comma so cooling effect is excellent&period of time Lubricant can be injected by car and handbook type&comma so it can reduce elements put on&period of time

Pay-off reel and rigidity reel for cold rolling coils are utilised in cold rolling manufacturing line or spend-off when acid pickling&commagalvanization&commaannealing&commashear&commacoating or coil rigidity in out permit&period of time
Chilly rolling mandrel is the key part of pay-off reel and tension reel&interval According to distinct structure&comma it has beam wedge kind&comma pyramid axis kind&comma pyramid sleeve type&comma wedge type&comma radial direction hydraulic cylinder variety&comma and many others&period of time Or just&comma open type and close sort&period The close variety mandrel is a shut circle CZPT gap in the surface soon after increasing&periodit is suitable for coiling slim strip metal&time period The open variety mandrel indicates there is a gap amongst segments after mandrel expanding&comma suitable for coiling thicker strip steel&time period
For cold rolling
Spend-off reel and tension reel for chilly rolling coils are used in chilly rolling creation line or pay-off when acid pickling&comma gavanization&comma annealing&comma shear&comma coating or coil stress in outlet&period of time

Chilly rolling mandrel is the key parts of pay out-off reel&tension reel&period of time According to various composition&comma it has beam wedge type&comma pyramid axis kind&comma pyramid sleeve variety&comma wedge sort&comma radial path hydraulic cylinder type&comma ect&period Or just&comma open up variety and near sort&period of time The close type mandrel is a shut circle CZPT hole in the floor soon after expanding&interval It is suitable for coiling slender strip metal&interval The open up kind mandrel indicates there are a hole between phase soon after mandrel increasing&comma suited for coiling thicker strip steel&time period

The beam wedge type mandrel is largely composed of the major shaft&comma expanding core&comma section&comma axial direction wedge&comma radial direction wedge and spreading cylinder&comma and many others&period There are two kinds of construction&colon with jaw or CZPT jaw&interval The mandrel with jaw is used for coiling thicker strip steel&time period It can also be established with steel sleeve or paper sleeve to coil with belt wrapper&period The mandrel CZPT jaw is employed for coiling thin strip metal by belt wrapper&time period

The mandrel will move alongside axial direction pushed by the growing core & wedge block&comma through relative sliding between the wedge block and segment&comma swelling and shrinking will take place in radial route&comma reset by spring&time period

The pyramidal axis kind mandrel is divided into tapper kind and back again taper kind according to the tilting course of axis slope&interval This mandrel has easy framework &commaless parts&comma large major shaft segment and higher toughness &periodSo it can bear large pressure&comma not only coiling &commabut also uncoiling&period of time There are two sorts of composition&colon with jaw or CZPT jaw &periodit’s largely consisted of the pyramid axis&comma segment&comma hollow sleeve and spreading cylinder&comma and so forth&time period

Presently&comma the back taper kind mandrel is the most popular&period of time The oil goes into the cylinder by way of a rod cavity&time period The cylinder pulls the pyramidal shaft backward alongside axial direction and thrust section to grow exterior&comma so the drum is expanded&interval Pyramidal axis moves back ward together axial course&comma and segment is pulled back by the T-essential&comma as a result the mandrel is shrinked&period

Mandrel Shaft for Cold Rolled Strip