Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifier Medical Air Handling Unit

1.CZPTstars air managing device and air handler features
— High effectiveness and vitality saving
—No pollution the unit is made with modular composition, aluminum extruded sections, aluminum coated zinc plate, all the joints sealed by sealant, keep away from cross-polluted
—Operation performance and quietly, VFD supporter CZPT
—Fantastic trustworthiness and performance
—Anti-corrosion stainless steel composition optional , clean hygienic design, tough epoxy resin coated coil CZPT
—Configured flexibly, numerous possibilities for customization: cooling, dehumidifying, heating and air clear perform optional

two.CZPTstars Air handler,air managing unit, ahu application
CZPTstars air handlers commonly utilised in stadium, exhibition centers, airport, huge station, as nicely as in all kinds of factories, this kind of as vehicle, electronics, textile, drugs, tobacco, alternator, and specific instrument. 

three.Air handler specialized information, Assembly drawing diagram and picture

Modular Air Handling Unit
4R 4MU4 6MU4 9MU4 12MU4 15MU4 18MU4 22MU4 25MU4 30MU4 35MU4 40MU4 45MU4 50MU4
6R 4MU6 6MU6 9MU6 12MU6 15MU6 18MU6 22MU6 25MU6 30MU6 35MU6 40MU6 45MU6 50MU6
Air Stream *1000CMH 4 6 nine twelve fifteen 18 22 twenty five thirty 35 forty forty five 50
Coil Area
Smart Capa.
26 forty fifty eight 76 102 121 131 174 201 235 274 308 348
Sensible Capa.
32 forty nine seventy seven ninety four 122 146 185 218 258 302 349 383 433
Heating Section E-Heating Capa.
12 eighteen thirty 36 forty five 54 sixty 72 seventy two ninety ninety 108 108
Humidifying Part Humidifying
five 10 thirteen fifteen fifteen 25 thirty forty five forty five sixty sixty sixty 75
ESP(Pa) 600 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 800 800
Motor Electricity(KW) two.two four five.five 7.five 11 11 15 fifteen 18.five 18.five 22 30 thirty
Mixing Section
Pre-filter Part
Cooling Coil Part
Eliminator Section
Elec-heating Area
Humidifying Part
Admirer-motor Segment
Diffusing Part
Medium-filter Part
Supply Air Segment
  1. Return air: Cooling: Air in 27ºC DB, 19.5ºC WB,Chilled drinking water in/out:7ºC /12ºC
  two. CZPT parameters are subject to be revised CZPT prior recognize.

four.CZPTstars air dealing with unit , air handler variety or series
-Horizontal ceiling ducted air dealing with unit
-Horizontal concealed air managing unit
-Vertical hid air handling device
-Vertical exposed air handling device
-Modular Modulus Air Handling Unit-multi-function air handling device

five.Parts-air dealing with device or air handler

Casing Panel and Insulation
• CZPT skin building is offered by sandwich type panels comprising internal and outer painted metal skins and polyurethane foam with least 48kg/m3 density, supplying a good thermal and acoustical functionality
• The gasket liner among the panels and frame ensures the air leakage charge to comply with GB/T 14294 clean air conditioning requirement
• The manufacturing unit painted steel sheet protected with six insulation coatings, complies to 500h salt spray tests, displaying an outstanding corrosion defense performance

•Penta-post further large gauge aluminum profiles and strong fiber-bolstered PE corner link forming the structural  frame
• outstanding mechanical power and rigidity to the unit frame and to avert any buckling or deformation
• Thermal bridge totally free style, the profiles stuffed with polyurethane foam for insulation
• Anodizing surface treatment method for profiles, corrosion-resistant
• Stainless steel frame CZPT

Sight Glass Provider CZPT
• CZPT pores and skin framework, internal panel is produced of stainless metal, and outer panel is manufactured of painted steel sheet
• Good and adverse accessibility door, ensures the airtight of unit
• Handy to check the managing position of the device
• CZPT sealing, no air leakage
• Developed-in multi-position fastening locks make the panel evenly pressured, preventing air leakage and loss of strength efficiency of the unit

Sizzling-Dip Galvanized Foundation channel
Offer Rigid Foundation Channel protect device and help save set up expense

Fan and motor
•NICOTRA centrifugal Admirer or other brand name enthusiast
•CZPT inlet
•CZPT motor driven
•Back curved or front curved
•low sounds, substantial efficiency, steady procedure, low vibration, very good strength, minimal bearing temperature increase, and wide doing work temperature and humidity range.
•CZPTized configuration of the motor selected substantial-high quality model-name motor, easy operation, low sound, prolonged service daily life, and can be equipped with a specified brand name of motor or motor insulation, defense level individuals according to person needs, to fulfill the demands of distinct situations.
•EC Fan is optional
• plug fan is optional

Vibration Eliminator
• To lessen the transmission of vibration and noise, supporter and motor are installed on an impartial comprehensive foundation body
• The comprehensive foundation frame is isolated by deflection sort spring isolators
• This exclusive structure not only decrease the vibration and noise, but also defend fan and motor for the duration of transportation

Cooling Coil
Cooling Coil is utilized to awesome and dehumidify the air.Equally DX (direct expansion) cooling and CW (chilled water) cooling coils are CZPT for use relying on the program design and style.
These coils are arranged in rows with diverse fin spacing.Aluminum fins and copper tubes are utilized in the design and style of the coils.The corrosion resistance hydrophilic fins are also
utilized owing to its lower price and decrease resistance to the air velocity.

PTC CZPT Heating
•Constant temperature heating
•Virtually unlimited lifestyle
•Low electrical energy intake and quite lower in price
•No electrical sounds
•The increased the temperature, the far more electrical power successful
•Avoid burning when in contact with flamable components

Electrostatic Precipitator(optional)
• Adsorb and take away particles considerably less than .01 micron in the air
• Improve indoor air quality 
• ESP applies strength only to the particulate matter being collected and therefore is quite successful in its use of strength

Electrode Humidifier
•Cylinder monitor technique makes certain a lot more efficiency, better vitality preserving and stable result
•Drainage pump ensures the humidifying procedure correct and steady
•Clog safety program guarantees to steer clear of drinking water overflow
•Water temperature manage method makes confident the drainage pipe is not going to be damaged by very hot water
•Anti-electrical leakage program tends to make operation and maintenance secure and secure


Filters are to get rid of particles and contaminants of numerous measurements from the air. The variety of air filter getting utilised will quite significantly rely on the software of the technique.
Panel Filter is a flat and rectangular in shape and provides a least reduced effectiveness filtration which is satisfactory to the air conditioning market. The higher velocity filter
is arranged vertically while the reduced velocity filter is arranged in V condition. Normal air velocity that moves by way of the filters is in the variety of 2-3 m/s.

HEPA Filter is really successful and is in a position to accomplish efficiencies up to 99.ninety seven%, getting rid of moment particles and airborne microorganisms from the air. It is normally utilized in clean place
purposes this sort of as semiconductor production floor, operating theaters and critical processes.

Electrostatic Filter is used to remove particles from the air by employing very billed electrodes that ionized the air.
Bag Filter is in a position to get rid of dust particles and is thrown absent after use.
Roll Filter is used for large velocity filtration exactly where the utilised component is rolled up automatically/manually.

Differential stress meter Brand title:Specific
Differential force meter( with sign transfer) can be configured acccording to consumer requirements. 

Air damper
•Variable discharge air quantity
•Discharge damper with axial admirer, unbiased management
•High efficiency
•Manual damper CZPT

Heat Wheel Heat Exchanger(optional)
• Extremely productive power-saving rotary heat exchanger
• Vitality recovery prices amongst 70-90%
• Summertime software is dehumidification of warm and humid provide air to lessen the vitality consumption of the down stream cooling equipment. 
• Winter season procedure recovers moisture from the exhaust air to decrease the humidification load.

Stainless Metal Drain Pan
• Slop variety layout, no drain h2o carryover and hold the pan dry
• Stay away from the micro-organisms expansion within the drain pan
Antimicrobial Drain Pan is provided as option
• SteriTouch engineering Drip Pan Coating
• Antimicrobial floor
• Very good exterior toughness and corrosion resistance
• Superb adhesion
• Non-poisonous, comply with BS476 component 7

CZPTal management cabinet(optioanl)
•According to the specifications and features of the device to design and style the manage console or cabinet
•Auto management each part of the unit to make positive the temperature, humidity and cleaness
•High top quality and international model electrical components

6.Why choose us?
CZPTS Advantages: 
1) The Proof of Quality: Now we have customers in different countries and places, such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Argentina, Middle- East, Africa…
two) The Guarantee of Quality: Reasonable design, Professional technicians, Stable production workers, Full-scale
 Equipments, Strict QA & QC system…
3) CZPT-made Design: We supply our design drawing according to customer practical situation
four) Technique Support: 
 Walk in cold room: we supply our diagrammatic drawing, feel easier for installation.
 Cold storage warehouse: We have professional engineers who can go aboard to supply technology support and direction, until  turn key for our customers. 
5)CZPT Trade Operation: We have concentrated on international trade of cold storage room line for many years, accumulated various experience from different customers of different countries. So we can update our operation in time according to our customers and new rules. It is helpful to clear custom and save cost and time for our customers.

Q:What are the differences in between an air conditioner and an air handler?
Air handlers are an critical component of your overall HVAC technique, but they are not the full air conditioning method.

An air handler is liable for housing the equipment needed to transfer air through your residence or company.In most instances, it is situated within and operates the two the heating and cooling methods.Air handlers search like a furnace, and are occasionally even mistaken for a single.Air handlers can be manufactured to work with a heat pump or air conditioner.It includes the indoor coil, which based on the setting your technique is managing on, is utilised for equally heating and cooling.

Air conditioning models incorporate the condenser and are normally retained outside the house of your residence or company.Air conditioners actively pull heat out of the constructing through a variety of factors configured with each other, and then this very hot air is redirected outside the house.Throughout the approach, air moves via the method through return ducts and more than a refrigerant coil.Instead of including cold air to the place, which is what it feels like, the technique is truly just pulling hot air out and then recirculating the identical air (CZPT the warmth) back into the constructing.

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9.Air dealing with unit,air handler supply or container loading

ten.Installation instruction or installation photograph, task images


Desiccant Wheel Dehumidifier Medical Air Handling Unit