Electric Motor Dynamometer Test Equipment Test Bench with Best Price

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Eddy current brake/dynamometer Rated Electrical power Rated torque Rated pace Highest rotational speed Turning inertia Highest excitation voltage Maximum excitation Current Cooling water force Movement of the cooling h2o
DWZ/DW-.seventy five .seventy five 5 2000-2600 16000 .002 80 3 .one~.three 1
DWZ/DW-3 three ten 2000-2600 14000 .003 80 three .1~.3 two
DWZ/DW-6 6 twenty five 2000-2600 14000 .003 80 three .one~.3 three
DWZ/DW-10 10 fifty 2000-2600 13000 .01 eighty 3 .one~.three 4.5
DWZ/DW-16 sixteen 70 2000-2600 13000 .02 80 3.5 .1~.three six.5
DWZ/DW-25 25 120 2000-2600 11000 .05 80 three.5 .one~.3 fifteen
DWZ/DW-forty 40 a hundred and sixty 2000-2600 10000 .1 ninety four .1~.three twenty five
DWZ/DW-63 63 250 2000-2600 9000 .eighteen ninety 4 .one~.3 forty five
DWZ/DW-one hundred one hundred four hundred 2000-2600 8500 .32 a hundred and twenty 4 .1~.three sixty
DWZ/DW-one hundred sixty one hundred sixty 600 2000-2600 8000 .52 one hundred twenty 5 .one~.3 100
DWZ/DW-250 250 1100 2000-2600 7000 one.8 a hundred and fifty five .two~.4 one hundred eighty
DWZ/DW-three hundred 300 1600 2000-2600 6000 two.7 a hundred and fifty 5 .2~.4 210
DWZ/DW-four hundred 400 2200 2000-2600 5000 three.six one hundred eighty 10 .two~.4 300
DWZ/DW-630 630 3600 2000-2600 5000 five.3 180 10 .2~.four 450

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Main application: 

DWZ disc eddy present brake is primarily utilized as load in loading dynamometer products. it is experimental equipment which can evaluate the dynamic mechanical homes, specifically in dynamic loading examination whose energy worth is modest or tiny, also can be dealt with as suction electricity products of other dynamic products. 

DW series disc eddy recent dynamometer is, is that insert device for measuring torque and rotational speed on DWZ series disc eddy current brake, it is experimental equipment which can measure the dynamic mechnical houses, especial in dynamic loading examination whose power value is modest or small.

CW eddy recent brake as a load is primarily used to evaluate the mechanical attributes of inspection tools, it and other handle instrument (such as loading apparatus, torque speed sensor and torque energy acquisition instrument and so on.) can be composed of eddy present dynamometer can be used for overall performance tests of the inner combustion engine, motor, gas turbine, automobile and its dynamic mechanical factors, in comparison with other power measuring system, the CW series power measuring gadget has the benefits of trustworthiness, high balance and practicability.


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Electric Motor Dynamometer Test Equipment Test Bench with Best Price